Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Week 9 - Ceroc Dancing

This week was our final week, as I am getting close to assessment week and this is priority at this point. We said our final goodbyes to the instructors, and learnt some really cool tricks tonight. I danced with a couple of new guys at the end that I had not meet before. They were both really great in taking the lead, and allowing me to do moves that I had not done before. Knowing that this was going to be my last lesson, it made me feel a little sad. I had really enjoyed my dance experience, and wish that I had more time to continue. My mates are not going to continue with it, my partner does not want to join with me, so I suppose I will not return as I like the social aspect in going with friends. Maybe another time in my life, when priorities have changed and I find some friends to join with me. This has been a fantastic experience and I truly believe that participating in an occupation is the essence to being human, healthy and have quality of life.

Week 8 - Ceroc Dancing

This week I exhibited a barrier, as I did not have any cash to attend. I was a little bummed, but I did have plenty of school work to do, so there was no room for boredom and not being occupied.

week 7 - Ceroc Dancing

This week I watched some youtube clips for a different experience for learning. I did enjoy watching talented people, and this helped to reinforce my learning visually, but I do prefer to get actively involved!!

Please see you tube clip for examples that I viewed



Week 6 - Ceroc Dancing

Week 6

I watched dirty dancing this week. I watched this as a child and loved it, and watched it as an adult and still love it. This allowed me to watch some advance dancing, to see what you could work up to be it you participated regularly and competitively.

Week 5 - Ceroc Dancing

Week 5

This week my dance buddies were away, and I had to go to 'Ceroc' on my own. Now I did find this particularly difficult, as my motivation levels were low, and having your friends pick you up to head to dance class, is motivating and more FUN. This is how I came to realise that my occupational value, is all about the people, social interaction and connecting together to have a good laugh.  If there were no friends involved in this occupation, I may not participate as often.
Once I got to dance, we did the usual routine in getting in a circle and rotating clockwise. There were a lot more men this evening, which was great and meant that no lady had to miss a turn. I found the new moves we learnt this evening to be a little basic, and didn’t feel as challenged. This didn’t bother me too much, but hope next week’s session will challenge me more. This also highlights for me in my occupation, that it needs to be challenging, or I will get board and will not continue.

Week 4 - Ceroc Dancing

Week four

This evening myself and my partner went out for dinner. Later into the evening we went dancing. I wanted to lead my partner as I knew the moves. Being the bloke, of course he wanted to lead. We had loads of fun, and I was surprised that he knew so much. I went the flow and we had a really good time. Participating in this occupation with someone you care about, brought a different meaning as you were able to get right into the moves very close, and not feel uncomfortable. This is something that I would like my partner to do we me, but he wasn’t so keen on going to classes, and has other priorities with work.

Week 3 Ceroc Dancing

Personal Reflection

Tonight was loads of fun. The same routine applies (the doing), in learning three new moves and repeating one from the previous week. Tonight started off a bit slow with the men, which then leaves the woman standing without a partner. This slowly grew throughout the session, but this is why it is key that the woman move around the circle to ‘enable’ participation for everyone. Tonight I felt more sense of belonging, as members of the group greeted me with a recognizing smile, as I do to them. This enabled me to engage in friendly conversation, and I was able to start learning some of the men’s names. (A couple each week, means I will not forget). One particular move we learnt tonight, which is a spin on the spot, the instructors gave us TIP around ergonomics. First tip, thinking from the technical aspects, the shoes you wear. It was recommended that they are a nice easy slip, to enhance the spin on the spot. If this was not possible as some ladies wore shoes with grip, the instructors were able to alter the move.  You were then able to complete the move in using both feet to turn, in spinning from one to the other. This enabled for all the ladies to participate in the new skill of the spin.
In learning of the occupation this week, our instructors advised us of a Step up 1 workshop. This session would comprise, teaching the correct footwork, cross pressure with arms and timing. This session is to help in advancement, as the tutors don’t have time in the dance classes to fine tune our skills. I would be interested in this class, but a wee problem is the financial side. Being a student, priorities for money is elsewhere, but it is something that I will consider.
The highlight for the evening was the pleasure in dancing with the instructor. He took the lead, pushed me around, taught me new skills and gave me some pointers to work on my style. This has enhanced my learning of this occupation, which has giving me more satisfaction in making this occupation more meaningful. This is all about becoming a dancer.
Other affordance's that assisted my learning this evening, was the lovely gentlemen who I dance with before the tutor. He also took the lead, taught me some new skills and made the dancing feel easy, free and satisfying. He made me feel like a dancer, and made me feel like I am really a part of this community. This then enhanced my dancing with the tutor, so I didn’t feel so useless and nervous.
Each week I am learning something new, and it is a satisfying and pleasurable occupation to be participating in. Most of my occupations I have participated in the past, have been very competitive and goal orientated. With this occupation I like that I don’t know where it is going right now, but love learning the new dance moves each week. Progress is happening, but I am not putting pressure on myself to be taking it further at this stage. In this hour, when I am dancing, it makes me forget all my worries. I really enjoy dancing, but something I would like in the future in a regular dance partner.